TOMS Giveaway at Strut!!!

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TOMS has put us in a giving mood!!!

Shop new arrivals from TOMS Spring 2013 Collection, at Strut, and be entered to win 1 of 6 items from TOMS Apparel! Buy any TOMS item and you’re automatically entered. The contest begins March 21st and ends March 28th.

Want to win??? It’s really easy!!! Here’s how it works:

  • For every pair of TOMS Shoes you purchase from Strut, your name will be entered once
  • For every pair of TOMS Sunglasses you purchase from Strut, your name will be entered twice
  • If you purchase one pair of TOMS shoes and one pair of TOMS sunglasses, your name will be entered THREE times!!! (and so on… You get the point!)

We will announce the 6 lucky winners on our Facebook page, Friday, March 29th!!! Look here:

Here are some pictures from TOMS Spring 2013 Catalog, featuring what we currently have in store at Strut!


TOMS Ikat Collection


TOMS Earthwise Classics

TOMS new Earthwise Classics are sustainable and VEGAN!


TOMS Orange Earthwise Classics


TOMS Eyewear Collection

Did you know that TOMS helps give sight in nine countries, including the US? In all of the countries outside of the US, TOMS helps save and restore sight in three ways:

  • Providing prescription eyewear
  • Medical treatment
  • Sight-saving surgery

In the US, TOMS provides prescription eyewear to children in need. This is such an amazing cause and we love TOMS for giving back! Read more about this great cause and get exclusive details in a later post.

Hurry and get your TOMS this week and you may become one of our lucky winners!!!

British Biscuits and Chelsea Boots

For fun try reading this with your best British accent!

I love everything about London and the UK and find it to be absolutely brilliant… I fancy tea time and bloody hell love the lingo – wanker! But most of all I love British biscuits and Chelsea boots!

Chelsea boots are tight-fitting, ankle-high boots that originated during the Victorian Era. These boots were originally designed for horseback riding, but really came out and made their debut during the 1960’s mod scene when John Lennon and Paul McCartney ran into the Chelsea boot in London.  Suddenly, Lucy was in the sky with diamonds, and Chelsea was on all eight feet of the Beatles. The Chelsea boot became an instant iconic success. From then on it was all shoes, sex, and rock n’ roll for the Chelsea.

Check out the new “Carson Chelsea” boot by Frye:


These boots are seriously wearable, from maxi skirts to skinny jeans, and add a little rock n’ roll to every look. Here are some of our favorite Chelsea looks. As Kate Moss would say: “Get the London look.”

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 2.30.15 PM




How would you wear the Chelsea boot? Did you like this post? Leave your comments below!!!

The Pinterest Wish List: Get EXACTLY What You Want for Christmas!


We all make lists for our loved ones of things we need (or just really, really want) for Christmas. But sometimes trying to find/buy the things on that list can be a hassle. Some of us resort to last minute shopping and end up going to every store in the city or searching all over the internet to find exactly the right gift. For those who are Pinterest savvy and love shopping online, here is a tech-friendly way to put together the ultimate wish list and get EXACTLY what you want!

Steps for Making your Wish List on Pinterest:

  1. Create a board specifically for things you want for Christmas. I recommend using Pinterest’s new feature of “Secret” boards to avoid confusion with your pinning followers. This feature allows you to pin items “secretly” and they will remain hidden from your Pinterest feed.
  2. Pin from websites that sell the item you want and currently have it in stock.
  3. Use the description box to list any specifics that Santa will need to know (i.e. size, color, price). You could even list reasons to justify why you absolutely must have this item (i.e. Most-wanted gift: I need a new coat because it is FREEZING here!)Screen Shot 2012-12-01 at 9.28.32 PM
  4. Finally, go to “Edit Board” and invite friends and family that you spend the holidays with – particularly those who use Pinterest and understand how it works. This will allow them to follow your wish list board and see what you want for Christmas!


Steps for Santa:

  1. Accept your friend’s request to follow wish list board.
  2. Read the descriptions to determine which item you want to gift.
  3. Click on the linked image. This will bring you to its landing page where you can buy the “most-wanted” gift.

And there you have it… Christmas shopping made easy. Start pinning and get your wish list “on board!” Spread the word and make gift-giving easier for everybody this year. Happy pinning!

Nancy Sinatra Knows Whatsup…

nancysinatraThis video makes us want to put our boots on and just “walk all over you”! We love how Nancy Sinatra pushes the envelope with her girl power and uses boots to do it… Also, love the crazy leg scissor choreography. Makes me wonder why people thought Britney and Christina were so provocative? Who cares… I just love boots and now I love Nancy Sinatra too!

Zodiac Necklaces – What’s Your Sign?

Looking at another person’s jewelry is like reading a map to their personality. My favorite jewelry pieces are the ones that tell a story, such as my zodiac necklace. When people ask, “What is that?” I can say, “This is my zodiac sign: it means that I am loving, courageous, special, and awesome!” They won’t know what it really means, but at least I can walk away believing that I am really loving, courageous, special and awesome… **wink wink** 
This month, we love the Zodiac Collection by IJA Designs. All of their jewelry is handcrafted in a 100% renewable energy run studio and made with recycled metals.
The artist behind IJA Designs, Erin, is pretty amazing herself! Her inspiration comes from everything in life – her family, Oregon’s beautiful scenery, tattoo art, and “any and all music” rocking in her studio. Her motto: “Beauty radiates within, but a pair of fabulous earrings can’t hurt!” Neither can a fabulous Zodiac necklace! We will definitely be rocking our zodiac sign around all summer long! 
Find your Zodiac Necklace here

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Memorial Day Must-Haves

Aaah… There’s nothing like spending your day off, grilling out by the pool and soaking in that summer heat!!! STRUT has put together our favorite Memorial Day essentials to kick start your holiday fun in the sun…

memorial day 2

1. Apple & Bee Canvas Tote
“Fun in the Sun” means splashing at the pool, kicking around sand, and tanning oil all over the place. Save your purse for another day and bring your tote instead! With a simple spin-cycle, any outdoor craziness can easily be washed away, and your tote will stay good as new!

2. TOMS Strappy Wedges
You might get a little tipsy, but your comfy TOMS will definitely keep you grounded! Plus, shoes with colorful patterned straps look so cute, you don’t even need to worry about “what to wear!!”

3. Sunnies
Sunnies is just another word for sunglasses that know how to party… For outdoor parties, wearing your Sunnies is always a must!!

4. NCLA Colorful Nails All Day
Show the boys who the real grill-master is this weekend with some POW! on your fingertips! Distracted by those bright, pretty nails, no one will even notice you burned the chicken…
Okay, just help the grill-master. He’ll think you’re super cute flippin’ that steak with your purrty nails!

5. Intelligent Nutrients Lip Gloss
Being in the sun will crack those chaps, so be prepared! Throw away your Chapstick (aka, stick that makes your lips chap!) and try smacking your lips with Intelligent Nutrients Lip Gloss! It’s power packed with antioxidants and nutritious food ingredients! You will literally be feeding nutrients to your lips…


Natalie Off Duty: Secret Treasures

If you’re a fan of our recent post, Trippin’ in Style, then you’ll love these tribal inspired accessories from fashion blogger, Natalie Suarez’s ( own personal collection…

(via natalieoffduty)
I feel like a warrior with all this stuff, but I can’t help it, I’m obsessed.” – Natalie Suarez
We think feeling like a warrior is a good thing! So what if you’re clink-clanging down the street? At least all that heavy metal makes you look cool…  more girl power to ya!

Some of our favorite pics…

(via natalieoffduty)
(via natalieoffduty)
(via natalieoffduty)

See more of fashion blogger/model, Natalie Suarez, at!!!