Kork-Ease: A Wedge in Time

Vintage Kork-Ease
The infamous Platform Wedge, created by Kork-Ease, has climbed to the top of the Stairway to Heaven and back… Since their rising popularity in mid-’70s, Kork-Ease shoes have graced the floors of Studio 54, dressed the feet of Betsey Johnson, and just recently earned their spot as one of the 25 shoes featured in the Landmark Shoe Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute!!! Check out our favorite Kork-Ease looks from the Spring/Summer 2012 Collection.
 (Images via ColorMeNana)
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Chie Mihara, Chie Mihara, Chie Mihara!!!

Meet one of the most exclusive shoe designers in the world… Chie Mihara!!! We are all about this chick… Not only does she design beautiful shoes, but she’s also passionate about creating feminine shoes that are truly comfortable. As Chie says… “You don’t have to suffer to be beautiful… That concept is quite old!”  We agree Chie!
Watch the video below and you’ll see why we love, love, love Chie Mihara! 
Chie Mihara Spring/Summer Collection 2012
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Every fashionista loves the little things that can make their style feel unique. Strut’s favorite little things are shoes, jewelry, bags, and… *drum roll please*… nail art!!! Yes, NCLA nail wraps are definitely the new IT accessory… 

NCLA: Nail Couture, Los Angeles

ncLA Electro, $16
ncLA Secession Strikes, $16
ncLA I See You, $16
DIY – Easy as pie!!! 
Supplies Needed: ncLA nail wraps, base coat, top coat, nail file, baby scissors
  1.  Just like a normal mani, start by applying the base coat (let it dry!)
  2.  Choose each nail foil that fits closest to your nail size. Peel the nail foil from the sheet.
  3. Apply round side towards cuticle. Stretch and remove all excess foil around the shape of the nail (this is where baby scissors come in handy!)
  4. Apply pressure to smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles in the foil. Remove any excess foil with a nail file, using downward strokes.
  5. Apply top coat (let it dry!) and it’s a wrap!!
Some Insider Tips: 
  • Re-apply top coat 3-4 times, then once daily to get that shiny, shellacy look!
  • You don’t have to use the entire set all at once.. I like to pair mine with a fun color to really make the wraps pop! Check out NCLA Nail Lacquers below… 
  • Be creative and have fun with it!!!
The LA COLLECTION: The following nail lacquers are available atSTRUT!
Which nail la-coo-er fits your mood today?
I’m all about the “Poolside Party, All Eyes on Me!” – Just did my nails, umm… sun tan lotion please???

House of Harlow 1960: Spring 2012 Collection

Strut loves Nicole Richie’s jewelry line, House of Harlow 1960, and is now featuring the Spring 2012 collection. 
The look is heavy on style and girl-on-the-go ready. Wearable day or night, this jewelry will make you feel fashion forward and edgy, without trying too hard. Accessorize yourself and add a little Oomph! to your strut!
Etched Stack Cuff, $95
Faceted Pendant Pyramid Necklace, $65
Pyramid Bar Necklace, $135
Sunburst Pendant Necklace, $45

 Check out this video from behind the scenes of Richie’s clothing line Winter Kate