The Pinterest Wish List: Get EXACTLY What You Want for Christmas!


We all make lists for our loved ones of things we need (or just really, really want) for Christmas. But sometimes trying to find/buy the things on that list can be a hassle. Some of us resort to last minute shopping and end up going to every store in the city or searching all over the internet to find exactly the right gift. For those who are Pinterest savvy and love shopping online, here is a tech-friendly way to put together the ultimate wish list and get EXACTLY what you want!

Steps for Making your Wish List on Pinterest:

  1. Create a board specifically for things you want for Christmas. I recommend using Pinterest’s new feature of “Secret” boards to avoid confusion with your pinning followers. This feature allows you to pin items “secretly” and they will remain hidden from your Pinterest feed.
  2. Pin from websites that sell the item you want and currently have it in stock.
  3. Use the description box to list any specifics that Santa will need to know (i.e. size, color, price). You could even list reasons to justify why you absolutely must have this item (i.e. Most-wanted gift: I need a new coat because it is FREEZING here!)Screen Shot 2012-12-01 at 9.28.32 PM
  4. Finally, go to “Edit Board” and invite friends and family that you spend the holidays with – particularly those who use Pinterest and understand how it works. This will allow them to follow your wish list board and see what you want for Christmas!


Steps for Santa:

  1. Accept your friend’s request to follow wish list board.
  2. Read the descriptions to determine which item you want to gift.
  3. Click on the linked image. This will bring you to its landing page where you can buy the “most-wanted” gift.

And there you have it… Christmas shopping made easy. Start pinning and get your wish list “on board!” Spread the word and make gift-giving easier for everybody this year. Happy pinning!

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