Zodiac Necklaces – What’s Your Sign?

Looking at another person’s jewelry is like reading a map to their personality. My favorite jewelry pieces are the ones that tell a story, such as my zodiac necklace. When people ask, “What is that?” I can say, “This is my zodiac sign: it means that I am loving, courageous, special, and awesome!” They won’t know what it really means, but at least I can walk away believing that I am really loving, courageous, special and awesome… **wink wink** 
This month, we love the Zodiac Collection by IJA Designs. All of their jewelry is handcrafted in a 100% renewable energy run studio and made with recycled metals.
The artist behind IJA Designs, Erin, is pretty amazing herself! Her inspiration comes from everything in life – her family, Oregon’s beautiful scenery, tattoo art, and “any and all music” rocking in her studio. Her motto: “Beauty radiates within, but a pair of fabulous earrings can’t hurt!” Neither can a fabulous Zodiac necklace! We will definitely be rocking our zodiac sign around all summer long! 
Find your Zodiac Necklace here

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  1. Anonymous · July 3, 2012

    I have an Aquarius necklace from Ija that I get so many compliments on and I (of course!) love it! "Intuitive, Creative and Thoughtful"

  2. karyn · July 4, 2012

    Yes! – I love the personalized meanings for each one. I have Capricorn and it means "Loyal, Industrious, and Spiritual". I also like the zodiac symbol more than a horoscope sign (capricorn is half goat, half man- ha!)

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