Memorial Day Must-Haves

Aaah… There’s nothing like spending your day off, grilling out by the pool and soaking in that summer heat!!! STRUT has put together our favorite Memorial Day essentials to kick start your holiday fun in the sun…

memorial day 2

1. Apple & Bee Canvas Tote
“Fun in the Sun” means splashing at the pool, kicking around sand, and tanning oil all over the place. Save your purse for another day and bring your tote instead! With a simple spin-cycle, any outdoor craziness can easily be washed away, and your tote will stay good as new!

2. TOMS Strappy Wedges
You might get a little tipsy, but your comfy TOMS will definitely keep you grounded! Plus, shoes with colorful patterned straps look so cute, you don’t even need to worry about “what to wear!!”

3. Sunnies
Sunnies is just another word for sunglasses that know how to party… For outdoor parties, wearing your Sunnies is always a must!!

4. NCLA Colorful Nails All Day
Show the boys who the real grill-master is this weekend with some POW! on your fingertips! Distracted by those bright, pretty nails, no one will even notice you burned the chicken…
Okay, just help the grill-master. He’ll think you’re super cute flippin’ that steak with your purrty nails!

5. Intelligent Nutrients Lip Gloss
Being in the sun will crack those chaps, so be prepared! Throw away your Chapstick (aka, stick that makes your lips chap!) and try smacking your lips with Intelligent Nutrients Lip Gloss! It’s power packed with antioxidants and nutritious food ingredients! You will literally be feeding nutrients to your lips…


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