Trippin’ In Style

Coachella may have kicked off the summer festival frenzy, but we still have a forest full of mushrooms to pick and an entire season left to tribal dance. Before you go frolicking through the forest, here is some festival footwear advice to help you get your two-step on with Mr. Mojo Risin over there!!

Festival Go-To Shoe #1: The Strappy Sandal
Strappy sandals are my ultimate go-to shoe for summer music festivals, because they are the closest thing to being barefoot! These gladiator style shoes are very jam-dance friendly and also give off that gypsy-nomad look so you will fit right in! Pair with a flowy maxi skirt and a braided hair-do!

Festival Sandals
Festival Go-To Shoe #2: The Basic Boot

If you prefer to be in the middle of the crowd, jumping around with the rest of the trippin’ trolls, you should probably opt for boots… They will protect your dancing toes from getting stomped on and keep your feet clean… or less of a sweaty mess! Keep in mind, showing a little skin is always trendy at festivals… So, show off those stems and pair your boots with cutoffs or a patterned mini dress to get that edgy, rocker look!

Shorts Skirts and Boots


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