Mother’s Day Gift Guide

1. Celebrity mothers are setting a new trend by wearing the initial of their child’s name with personalized jewelry! This unique gift holds that sentimental “forever” value and will always remind her of you.

-18kt gold-filled or sterling silver disc


Erica Miller Designs Love Ring
-sterling silver or gold vermeil


Erica Miller Designs Love Pendant
-sterling silver or gold vermeil

2. Featured in Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire, Apple & Bee make these lovely cosmetic and travel bags, without harming the environment! These cute matching cosmetic bags make a great gift that Mom can use! Pair it with Mom’s favorite lipstick or nail polish to add something special too…

apple & bee

Compact Cosmetic bag
apple & bee, $42


apple & bee, $34



3. The Allibelle Ipad Case comes in so many colors and is the perfect gift for storing Mom’s favorite new gadget… If Mom doesn’t have her favorite new gadget yet, this luxury case is the perfect excuse to finally go get one (maybe she will be so pleased with your gift that she will share!) 

Allibelle Ipad Case, $90


4. Get her out of those white tennis shoes that scream “SOCCER MOM!!” TOMS and FRYE shoes will still keep her feet comfy while running the kids around, and will make her feel like the “super-trendy, cute mom” instead! (even though your always cute to us, Mom)

white sneakers ehh!


5. Perfect for Mom’s with a sweet tooth, and is “cooler” than just a box of chocolates! Order her favorite frozen treat (either ice cream, sorbet, or gelato!!) and it will be sent with a sweet message on the front…

4 pints/$50

Did you find this gift guide to be helpful? Leave us your comments below!

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