new “mini-me“…

These little loafers look just like grown-up TOMS, but are made exclusively for kids (ages baby-to-toddler).Now your little babe can wear the same shoes Mom and Dad wear!

Tiny TOMS f.y.i.
Why Tiny TOMS are the Hippest Trend on the Playground
  • Tiny TOMS are super stylish with playful prints, crayon colors, and fuzzy velcro straps!
  • Not only will your little one love their new kicks, but they’ll also be the new “cool kid” on the playground.
  • Guess what? Your little one can put these shoes on themselves!!! During show-and-tell, classmates will be “Ooo-aah-ing” when they see what your Tiny TOMS trickster has learned! (No bunny ears needed!)


Check out our favorite Tiny TOMS trendsetters below…

Jennifer & Seraphina
Celebrity Mom’s wear TOMS…
TOMS are the latest fashion craze with celebrities of all ages! Now you and your little one can look trendy while still comfy, and both be the new trendsetters on the playground!
Find your favorite pair of TOMS and Tiny TOMS now available at STRUT!!


STRUT would love your feedback on TOMS and Tiny TOMS!
Do you and your little one both wear TOMS? 
Send us pictures or share fun stories and we will post our favorites!!!

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