Memorial Day Must-Haves

Aaah… There’s nothing like spending your day off, grilling out by the pool and soaking in that summer heat!!! STRUT has put together our favorite Memorial Day essentials to kick start your holiday fun in the sun…

memorial day 2

1. Apple & Bee Canvas Tote
“Fun in the Sun” means splashing at the pool, kicking around sand, and tanning oil all over the place. Save your purse for another day and bring your tote instead! With a simple spin-cycle, any outdoor craziness can easily be washed away, and your tote will stay good as new!

2. TOMS Strappy Wedges
You might get a little tipsy, but your comfy TOMS will definitely keep you grounded! Plus, shoes with colorful patterned straps look so cute, you don’t even need to worry about “what to wear!!”

3. Sunnies
Sunnies is just another word for sunglasses that know how to party… For outdoor parties, wearing your Sunnies is always a must!!

4. NCLA Colorful Nails All Day
Show the boys who the real grill-master is this weekend with some POW! on your fingertips! Distracted by those bright, pretty nails, no one will even notice you burned the chicken…
Okay, just help the grill-master. He’ll think you’re super cute flippin’ that steak with your purrty nails!

5. Intelligent Nutrients Lip Gloss
Being in the sun will crack those chaps, so be prepared! Throw away your Chapstick (aka, stick that makes your lips chap!) and try smacking your lips with Intelligent Nutrients Lip Gloss! It’s power packed with antioxidants and nutritious food ingredients! You will literally be feeding nutrients to your lips…


Natalie Off Duty: Secret Treasures

If you’re a fan of our recent post, Trippin’ in Style, then you’ll love these tribal inspired accessories from fashion blogger, Natalie Suarez’s ( own personal collection…

(via natalieoffduty)
I feel like a warrior with all this stuff, but I can’t help it, I’m obsessed.” – Natalie Suarez
We think feeling like a warrior is a good thing! So what if you’re clink-clanging down the street? At least all that heavy metal makes you look cool…  more girl power to ya!

Some of our favorite pics…

(via natalieoffduty)
(via natalieoffduty)
(via natalieoffduty)

See more of fashion blogger/model, Natalie Suarez, at!!!

Chie Mihara, Chie Mihara, Chie Mihara!!!

Meet one of the most exclusive shoe designers in the world… Chie Mihara!!! We are all about this chick… Not only does she design beautiful shoes, but she’s also passionate about creating feminine shoes that are truly comfortable. As Chie says… “You don’t have to suffer to be beautiful… That concept is quite old!”  We agree Chie!
Watch the video below and you’ll see why we love, love, love Chie Mihara! 
Chie Mihara Spring/Summer Collection 2012
Shop Chie Mihara Spring/Summer Collection 2012 online at Strut!!!

Trippin’ In Style

Coachella may have kicked off the summer festival frenzy, but we still have a forest full of mushrooms to pick and an entire season left to tribal dance. Before you go frolicking through the forest, here is some festival footwear advice to help you get your two-step on with Mr. Mojo Risin over there!!

Festival Go-To Shoe #1: The Strappy Sandal
Strappy sandals are my ultimate go-to shoe for summer music festivals, because they are the closest thing to being barefoot! These gladiator style shoes are very jam-dance friendly and also give off that gypsy-nomad look so you will fit right in! Pair with a flowy maxi skirt and a braided hair-do!

Festival Sandals
Festival Go-To Shoe #2: The Basic Boot

If you prefer to be in the middle of the crowd, jumping around with the rest of the trippin’ trolls, you should probably opt for boots… They will protect your dancing toes from getting stomped on and keep your feet clean… or less of a sweaty mess! Keep in mind, showing a little skin is always trendy at festivals… So, show off those stems and pair your boots with cutoffs or a patterned mini dress to get that edgy, rocker look!

Shorts Skirts and Boots


Mother’s Day Gift Guide

1. Celebrity mothers are setting a new trend by wearing the initial of their child’s name with personalized jewelry! This unique gift holds that sentimental “forever” value and will always remind her of you.

-18kt gold-filled or sterling silver disc


Erica Miller Designs Love Ring
-sterling silver or gold vermeil


Erica Miller Designs Love Pendant
-sterling silver or gold vermeil

2. Featured in Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire, Apple & Bee make these lovely cosmetic and travel bags, without harming the environment! These cute matching cosmetic bags make a great gift that Mom can use! Pair it with Mom’s favorite lipstick or nail polish to add something special too…

apple & bee

Compact Cosmetic bag
apple & bee, $42


apple & bee, $34



3. The Allibelle Ipad Case comes in so many colors and is the perfect gift for storing Mom’s favorite new gadget… If Mom doesn’t have her favorite new gadget yet, this luxury case is the perfect excuse to finally go get one (maybe she will be so pleased with your gift that she will share!) 

Allibelle Ipad Case, $90


4. Get her out of those white tennis shoes that scream “SOCCER MOM!!” TOMS and FRYE shoes will still keep her feet comfy while running the kids around, and will make her feel like the “super-trendy, cute mom” instead! (even though your always cute to us, Mom)

white sneakers ehh!


5. Perfect for Mom’s with a sweet tooth, and is “cooler” than just a box of chocolates! Order her favorite frozen treat (either ice cream, sorbet, or gelato!!) and it will be sent with a sweet message on the front…

4 pints/$50

Did you find this gift guide to be helpful? Leave us your comments below!


new “mini-me“…

These little loafers look just like grown-up TOMS, but are made exclusively for kids (ages baby-to-toddler).Now your little babe can wear the same shoes Mom and Dad wear!

Tiny TOMS f.y.i.
Why Tiny TOMS are the Hippest Trend on the Playground
  • Tiny TOMS are super stylish with playful prints, crayon colors, and fuzzy velcro straps!
  • Not only will your little one love their new kicks, but they’ll also be the new “cool kid” on the playground.
  • Guess what? Your little one can put these shoes on themselves!!! During show-and-tell, classmates will be “Ooo-aah-ing” when they see what your Tiny TOMS trickster has learned! (No bunny ears needed!)


Check out our favorite Tiny TOMS trendsetters below…

Jennifer & Seraphina
Celebrity Mom’s wear TOMS…
TOMS are the latest fashion craze with celebrities of all ages! Now you and your little one can look trendy while still comfy, and both be the new trendsetters on the playground!
Find your favorite pair of TOMS and Tiny TOMS now available at STRUT!!


STRUT would love your feedback on TOMS and Tiny TOMS!
Do you and your little one both wear TOMS? 
Send us pictures or share fun stories and we will post our favorites!!!

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