A “Clutch” Idea

On the Go…  

 If you’re a working girl and have to carry a large bag for your laptop or work papers, then you need a clutch for those get-away breaks… The clutch is perfect for holding your necessities and it’s so easy to just tuck under your arm and go… Take it out for lunch or to grab a quick latte! (It can also help you sneak out of the office early on a Friday…)
LINEA PELLE Dylan quilted chevron zip wallet
Linea Pelle, $118
49 Square Miles
49 sqmi, top: $95, bottom: $188
Minka Kelly spotted wearing LP’s “Jesse Cross Body”
Day and Night…
Spend the day shopping, then enjoy happy hour with your girlfriends… without stopping to change outfits! This bag has a detachable and adjustable strap, making it easy to throw over your shoulder when your hands are full during the daytime. Then when happy hour rolls along, remove the strap and *voila!* your purse transitions into a clutch, giving your outfit a chic, evening look.
And just in case happy hour turns a little too “happy”!!! :):):)… Put the strap back on so your clutch is safe.

Jesse Cross Body
Jesse Cross Body, Linea Pelle $218
Out on the Town? Leave your baby at home… 
Baby? No, not really…  Just that big bag on your arm that holds pretty much your entire life and hangs on your shoulder like a baby. Going out on the town can be difficult with a big bag… For example, you can’t dance because the extra  5 lbs. on one shoulder is giving you an off-balance tilt effect.. Plus, it’s a drag babysitting a purse when all you want to do is dance!  But the worst thing about hauling around a big bag at the bar is when you try to get a drink and unintentionally keep slapping people in the face with your “baby”… Yikes! 
Adopt a new trend: the over-sized clutch! You can easily hug your clutch, hold a martini in one hand, and give that hot guy your number, all at once! You’ll feel less babysitter-in-the-bar-ish, and more sex-in-the-city-ish! 
49 Square Miles
Mohawk Clutch, Allibelle $195


Strut Eye Candy

Strut Eye Candy
Clockwise from top: Kork Ease $170, Coclico $398, Miz Mooz $136, Sam Edelman $145, Matiko $192,
Sam Edelman $145

Platform-Wedges available at Strut!
Chie Mihara, $395
Frye, $228
Coclico, $362
Frye $149
Kork Ease $150
Coclico $398
Matiko $192
Tsubo $180
Sam Edelman $145

Strut wants your fashionista opinion!
Got a favorite pair of wedges in this bunch? 
Which ones? What do you wear your wedges with?  


Flat Fever

Spring is here, giving us “Flat Fever” all over again!!! Jump into the flat frenzy with ballets and smokin’ slipper styles that are so comfy, they will soothe your sole… literally. We also love the new colorful trends: from pastels to black, nudes to neon, and even some of that metallic glamour glitter!!



Reasons Why We’re Flat Addicts: 
  1. Pedestrian friendly, dog walker friendly, night out on the town friendly… just wear them everywhere. Comfort goes a long way!
  2. If you haven’t gotten around to that pedicure lately, flats will keep your feet trendy without having to bare your toes…
  3. Perfect for any occasion! Flats can be dressy or casual… Wear them to work, then go play!
  4. And just because they’re flat, doesn’t mean their boring… Check out these flat-fabulous looks:
Bohemian Hipster  
Canvas Women’s Classic, TOMS $44
Classy in the City
Regina Ballet, Frye $132


Eccentric Neon Lights

Holly, Camper $159


We ❤ Flats
Carson Ballet, Frye $148
Big Zipper, Jeffrey Campbell $124
Regina Ballet, Frye $132
Holly, Camper $159
Strut wants to know…
Which flat-fabulous look is your favorite? 
Are you a ballerina ballet girl? Or an edgy smokin’ slippers fan? Share your thoughts below!


Every fashionista loves the little things that can make their style feel unique. Strut’s favorite little things are shoes, jewelry, bags, and… *drum roll please*… nail art!!! Yes, NCLA nail wraps are definitely the new IT accessory… 

NCLA: Nail Couture, Los Angeles

ncLA Electro, $16
ncLA Secession Strikes, $16
ncLA I See You, $16
DIY – Easy as pie!!! 
Supplies Needed: ncLA nail wraps, base coat, top coat, nail file, baby scissors
  1.  Just like a normal mani, start by applying the base coat (let it dry!)
  2.  Choose each nail foil that fits closest to your nail size. Peel the nail foil from the sheet.
  3. Apply round side towards cuticle. Stretch and remove all excess foil around the shape of the nail (this is where baby scissors come in handy!)
  4. Apply pressure to smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles in the foil. Remove any excess foil with a nail file, using downward strokes.
  5. Apply top coat (let it dry!) and it’s a wrap!!
Some Insider Tips: 
  • Re-apply top coat 3-4 times, then once daily to get that shiny, shellacy look!
  • You don’t have to use the entire set all at once.. I like to pair mine with a fun color to really make the wraps pop! Check out NCLA Nail Lacquers below… 
  • Be creative and have fun with it!!!
The LA COLLECTION: The following nail lacquers are available atSTRUT!
Which nail la-coo-er fits your mood today?
I’m all about the “Poolside Party, All Eyes on Me!” – Just did my nails, umm… sun tan lotion please???