House of Harlow 1960: Spring 2012 Collection

Strut loves Nicole Richie’s jewelry line, House of Harlow 1960, and is now featuring the Spring 2012 collection. 
The look is heavy on style and girl-on-the-go ready. Wearable day or night, this jewelry will make you feel fashion forward and edgy, without trying too hard. Accessorize yourself and add a little Oomph! to your strut!
Etched Stack Cuff, $95
Faceted Pendant Pyramid Necklace, $65
Pyramid Bar Necklace, $135
Sunburst Pendant Necklace, $45

 Check out this video from behind the scenes of Richie’s clothing line Winter Kate

High on Heels

Have you ever felt a sort of “high” when wearing heels?  
No, its not because you grew several inches… (or maybe it is!)

Actually, there are several other reasons why wearing high heels can be beneficial, other than having the world look up to you. 

1. Heels are associated with being professional.
When you think of a successful business woman, odds are she is wearing heels. Whether she is a teacher, doctor, lawyer, or a magazine editor, she wears the shoes. And a lot of the time, the pants.
2. High heels, high class.
Many successful woman wear heels to work, and to run errands. They strut their stuff, and to be truthful, they look hot doing it.
3. Heels help women achieve height parity with male counterparts (because we are equally important!) 
In a male-dominated society, women need to express their opinions eye-to-eye in order to be taken seriously. And well, you can’t do that in flats… unless your boss is short, in which case, still wear heels! Make him look up to you! 
4. Heels boost your self-esteem.
Heels make me feel powerful. When I walk in heels, I strut a little. I smile more. I feel amazing. If flats are water, heels are an ice cold glass of lemonade on the hottest summer day. 
5. Heels can turn heads…  
It is pretty well known that heels improve your posture, make your legs look longer and accentuate your lovely lady lumps! Let’s face it, every woman wants/needs to be noticed once in a while. And believe me, men will notice… Here’s how the scenario will usually play out…

John: “Hey Susan… you seem taller today? hmm.”
Susan: “Oh John, he he.. It’s my shoes silly!!”
John: “Ooooh, nice.. Looking good Susan!”
John just gave Susan a compliment… 
Struthas the perfect selection of heels ready for Spring, are work appropriate and won’t leave your feet in agony after a long day!! In fact, you’ll be feeling so good after work, you might just “strut your stuff” on over to Happy Hour and flirt with that sexy guy you met in the elevator… 


Miranda MJ, Frye $178
Petra, Miz Mooz $148
Mar, Chie Mihara $395
Chantal, Camper $220
Beegees, Chie Mihara $385
Fatima, Coclico $389
Candace, Chie Mihara $385
Ross, Chie Mihara $368
Darla, Jeffrey Campbell $129